Workshops + Events

Chakra Balancing and Essential Oils Workshop

In this workshop you will learn about the Chakras- the seven major energy centers which align the spine.  Using mantras, slow flowing asana, pranayama and meditation, we will explore and bring balance to each energy center.  Essential oils will be used as a catalyst to soothe the nervous system and bring a sense of calm to the body and mind. You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a sample of oils to use at home.

  • Saturday March 30 2019 1-3pm @ Centerville Yoga and Wellness. Sign up HERE

  • Saturday March 23 2019 2-4pm @ Innerglow Yoga. Sign up HERE

Gentle Flow and Restorative Rest Workshop

Restorative yoga is a gentle and nurturing practice that  promotes deep relaxation. This workshop will consist of gentle yoga asana to warm the body and move to restorative yoga poses to bring stillness and deep relaxation to both the body and the mind.   Props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks will be used to fully support the body so that deep tension can be released. You will be led through pranayama (breathing exercises) and a guided meditation in order to allow a meditative healing to occur.  Expect to leave feeling rested, renewed and more connected to yourself. 

  • Sunday February 24 2019. 1-3pm @ The Yoga Collaborative. Sign up HERE

  • Sunday March 31 2019. 1-3pm @ The Yoga Collaborative. Sign up HERE